Katrina’s Canadian Dream!


                                                             (c) Katrina Raymundo

“A task only takes as long as the time you allot for it” This photo was taken by Katrina Raymundo, posted on her internship blog. An inspiring quote that she stumbled upon while on her internship.

Katrina Raymundo, a graduate of UP Diliman BA Broadcast Communication batch 2010, is now in her internship in a GIP in Guelph, Ontario Canada! Her internship in Canada as a Communications Officer at the University of Guelph will last from April 2012 to March 2013! What a great year for GIP that is! Here is an excerpt from her internship blog:

Happy Monthsary Kay!

It’s been 4 weeks since I lived the Canadian dream, if such thing exists. And this weekend so far has got to be the best one, as I did so many new things. Well, the first month pretty much is spent doing new things and exploring the new home. But this weekend was just about spending it outside of my comfort zone.

Three things I did this weekend

1. Cook- For those who know me, I do not cook, AT ALL. Kay and the kitchen is like Nicholas Sarkozy and monogamy, they just don’t mesh well. To achieve this, I YouTubed a pesto pasta recipe, and surprisingly, it turned out to be “not bad.”

2. Went to a place where I did not know anyone- I mean, I went to a Russian Club of the University of Waterloo, with one of my co-interns. It was pretty hard  to smile and look at people even though you didn’t understand what they were saying, but I got used to it. It was music night, and as “Music is a universal language” as one Ukranian guy said it, I just enjoyed the night! We went to a Russian war tank in Waterloo after leaving the party, and it was pretty overwhelming to be the only non-Russian on a Russian tank swamped with Russians and Ukranians.

Conversation on tank:

Guy: U speak Russian?

K: No

Guy: Why not?

K: I’m not Russian!

Guy: You will soon!

3. Went to the University Arboretum- It’s this place at the Univ which looks like a forest, and was really nice because it felt all nature-y and stuff. We just walked around, saw a snake (which I despised), and got out easily. I need to explore more so I can see more of the garden, especially the Japanese Garden.

So all in all, a good week among the other things I did and the new people I’ve met. A really remarkable thing about going on exchange/living/working abroad is that you get to meet people from all over, and just talking to all these new people from different countries gives you a new perspective. It really makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have this experience.

Check out some of her photos:

First snow!

Bike Trip with friends

Visit at the Toronto Zoo!

Greetings from workmates

Her internship isn’t over yet! There are more interesting and exciting things is bound for her!  Read more about her internship! Visit the blog she put up just for her internship 🙂

You can also live your dream in your dream country! Sign up for exchange now!


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