Carlo’s Brilliant Taiwan Adventure!

Business Economics graduate and now in his first year Juris Doctor, Carlo Go went on an AIESEC exchange program in Taiwan. He was under AIESEC CTLC’s “Connect The World” where he taught to junior high and high school students about our country and other global issues. Read on, on his AIESEC experience and how he surprisingly experienced things he thought he wouldn’t. 

My AIESEC Exchange Experience

Before school year 2011 ended, I promised Rose (then VP OGX) that I would go on exchange during her term. As the months went by, I did other things that were in no way related to AIESEC. Simply put, I thought I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my promise.

Fortunately as 2012 rolled by, Rose and Eka prodded me to look for internships. A few weeks went by, and before I knew it I was matched to Chiao Tung Local Committee’s (CTLC) Connect the World Project.

Sun Moon Lake

Orientation with CTLC

Basically, I was teaching high school students about the Philippines. My co-interns and I talked to around two thousand students from three different high schools in the area. Everyday, we would go to class and present the same powerpoint presentation over and over again. It came to a point that I’d memorize every slide my Polish and Czech co-interns had! Thankfully, there were days when we’d have to present something different like the educational system in our country, climate change or gender issues.

With Students from Hsinchu Experimental School

With Students from Hsinchu Vocational School

With Students from Hsinchu Boys School

As the days flew by, I barely realized that my six weeks were almost up. As I was packing my bags, I realized that during my stay in Taiwan, I was able to enrich myself with different experiences and firsts. In the course of my internship, I was able to learn how to ride a bike, cook adobo and plant rice! I met people from different parts of the globe! Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have been able to meet amazing people from Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Morocco and Taiwan!

First time to plant rice!

With Trainees from different parts of Taiwan

Partying with co-interns

I’m very grateful to AIESEC UPD for giving me this marvelous opportunity to see Taiwan! Thank you AIESEC CTLC for being the best hosts a trainee could ever ask for!

More pictures of his trip here:


One thought on “Carlo’s Brilliant Taiwan Adventure!

  1. Carlo, you are a amazing person!

    One thing that I say to all trainees that go away is that AIESEC taught me that the world can be small and big at the same time! Big because we have so many different cultures with interest behaviors and races around the world and smaller because we actually can connect with everyone!

    I am sure that we will meet again, and until there I want to both of us collect much more stories to share to each other! 🙂

    Once a AIESECer, always a AIESECer!

    Great hug my dear friend.

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